Grapefruit Seed Extract Benefits

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I have always used myself as a personal guinea pig when ever I want to try a new or different remedy for any problems that I encounter. I did the same thing when I first began experimenting with colloidal silver and now I will be doing the same with grapefruit seed extract.
It was not that long ago that I did a couple of articles for a client that included the grapefruit seed extract as a topic. After doing the necessary research and follow-ups on the subject I decided to try it myself. This evening I began hitting my local stores in an effort to locate some of this extract. Unfortunately, most do not carry it. In fact many of the clerks would look at me as if I was from another planet and then ask me if I meant that I wanted grape extract.
Now I knew what I wanted but these people failed to known what they were selling. So much for my Wal-Mart and GNC store. I finally got lucky and found it at "The Vitamin Shoppe". It seems that they are the only place in my area that has it.
Grapefruit seed extract has an extraordinary ability to function as both an internally as well as an externally conditioner. It is very effective against a vast variety of infections that are caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus. It would benefit any survivalist's first aid kit to contain one or two bottles of this extract.
Its major benefit I believe is its ability to produce an alkaline state and as I understand it is considered to be one of the most alkaline substances possible as a food type product. When our system becomes alkalized it tends to provide a great health benefit to our body. Diseases of any sort simply can not survive in an alkaline environment. Medical research has been showing that cancer cells tend to die off when subjected to a pH of 8.0. There are countless similar conditions which are also generated as a result of a body's acid environment. In order to treat these types of conditions we muster restore the body's proper pH level.
Most of the body's degenerative diseases are associated with the overall pH level within the human body. Most medical professionals will readily agree that in order to successfully combat a serious medical condition you have to take into consideration the body's pH. I could list an abundance of various diseases that have as their root cause improper pH. Most diseases are simply unable to exist in any alkaline environment. The pH level of a normal healthy person is 7.5.
As we have previously mentioned grapefruit seed extract tends to stimulate the immune system while promoting the "good" bacteria that is usually found in your intestines. It is this bacterium that is critical to sustained life.
One of the great features of grapefruit extract is that it can be taken for such a long time and no types of side effects have been discovered. Several reports have been revealed that seem to indicate a few people have previously taken grapefruit seed extract daily for several years without a single type of side effect.
I got a bottle of the liquid grapefruit seed extract as opposed to the tablets. It only requires ten drops to a glass of water to be effective. I will let you know in a few months how I feel after taking it for a short period of time.
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Grapefruit Seed Extract Benefits

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This article was published on 2010/03/31